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This is half a Shackle’s concert set, with Anne La Berge, Robert van Heumen, Ricardo Jacinto, Stefano Kalonaris, Tristan Clutterbuck, Kevin McCullagh and Marty. Recorded with a couple mics, live @ SARC on 03.12.2015

With Franziska Schroeder and Tristan Clutterbuck.

On Thursday, 19th March 2015, I had the pleasure to play half a set with Annette Krebs, alongside Justin Yang (one of the lecturers here at SARC) and Aonghus McEvoy, who is finishing up his PhD.

If you want to check what Annette does, please visit:

Here is the video of the aforementioned set:

With Annette Krebs, Justin Yang and Aonghus McEvoy

The DSP pun is completely intended, although the piece is by no means an exploration of the famous Transform. Nor is Zeno in question the Eleatic philosopher, famous for his mathematical paradoxes. He is my son. Zeno lives by the sea, as you can hear.
This piece is an exploration of his transformations, via processes of granular synthesis and lookup tables. Parameters, densities and durations of events are based on prime numbers and the golden ratio, although it might be hard to tell. All the sonic material is generated from Zeno’s voice and environment, with the exception of some non-harmonic tones lurking in the background, which also follow the ratios aforementioned.

A study on beats (frequency) and feedback. Live guitar, electronics and narrating voice. Text is from “On nature”, the sixty odd fragments that survived from Parmenides of Elea’s work.

Voice: Angela McArthur

The story of my life? puff puff, pump up the story, pump the story, dance! dance!

With Semay Wu and Tom Mudd

Below, a piece from a short series called “Soundlepsies”… I suppose a soundlepsy is what is says on the packet : a short sonic fit (?)

Longing #2 features Stephane Payen, me, and other background noises

These feature S.Hutchings, A. Parkins, B. Taylor, L. Donin, J. Carmona, M. Ravalico and me.

And here with Tom Mudd and Francesco Pastacaldi