Sheet Music

A Steve Coleman tune from “The Tao of the Mad Phat” album.
A simple juxtaposition of 2 bar and 3 bar phrases.
Nevertheless, very effective.

Here’s my transcription of the score:



Below, my transcription of Dave Douglas’  Taking Sides:



This is based on Jimi Hendrix’s chord changes for ‘Hey Joe’ , with added carnatic cleverdom

V. Iyer – Because of the Guns


The Scandinavian portent:

Meshuggah – New Milennium Cyanide Christ


The symbols are in the context of tonal signatures, please see related article in the /Musimathica/Systems  section of this website

Octurn – xp23-irian

Octurn – xp23-magesta


Some pretty old music…




Here, a piece from the Belgian trio

AKA MOON – vasco


And an example of layered lengths, by Malik Mezzadri

Magic Malik – Nigeria